Terry introduces and explains META 12, a low-cost high-commitment summer challenge that will help us "fight the fade" that can too easily happen in our lives. Meta 12 is a 12-week process that helps us to change the "meta-narrative" of our lives, the stories we tell ourselves about us and what we think about our lives - and more! 

The challenge begins June 1 and the registration will close at midnight that day. So, don't miss out. Terry gives all of the details in this podcast. 

Please visit Meta12.us to register. 

If you want to keep growing in life, you will have to grow with the changes. If you want to get ahead and stay there, then you'll need a creativity that is difficult to maintain over time. Bob Stromberg can help us do that. He is my special guest this week and shares with us the three steps that he uses to stay at the top of his field as a comedian, actor, and master class teacher. 

Bob Stromberg has been delighting audiences all across America.“That Wonder Boy” starring Bob and directed by Risa Brainin dominated United Solo Theatre Festival in New York by winning Best One-Man ShowBest Direction and the coveted Audience Favorite awards.  These were among the top six awards presented and we were the only show to win three. He co-authored and starred in the megahit theatrical phenomenon, Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy) breaking box office records worldwide. The Los Angeles Times described it as “…a triple jolt of inspired craziness”. And The Chicago Sun-Times called Bob “Mesmerizing!” Of his rousing standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern said, “You wowed us!” Howie Mandell said, “I liked your character! I liked your voice! I like you!”

You all have been SO great in this startup. Thank you. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play and be sure to leave a rating. And share an episode or two with others. Thank you! 

SPECIAL OFFER: Bob has a master class on creativity that includes an amazing FREE video you won't want to miss. Visit bobstromberg.com/coaching to view the video and grow your creative spirit.  Bob has a paid course that has helped 100s from all walks of life improve their work and influence by nurturing their creativity. 



Bob mentions the book, ART AND FEAR: OBSERVATIONS ON THE PERILS OF ARTMAKING by Bayles and Orland

Bob's show, TRIPLE ESPRESSO, is wonderfully funny. After years of continuous runs, it plays occasionally across the country. It's worth every effort to see it when it's in your area - or you need a good road trip or some frequent flyer miles. 

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Supervision can be seen as bland and a chore, but all organizations depend on it for their success. Steve Huffman is a proven leader with a reputation for caring for others while helping them be successful in their work. He shares 10 questions we can use to energize our supervision and help us think about our work in new ways. Be sure to get the download and think about these questions as you go through your work week or as you prepare for your next supervision appointment. 

Steve Huffman is a former CIO who rose up the ranks to become president of a large regional medical network east of Chicago. He left that position to take a role as a pastor in a Vineyard Church in the South Bend area where he oversees developing church leaders, church planters, and growing the multi-site church. Steve has been married for 21 years and has three boys. He was once named by Huffington Post as one of the top 50 CIO's to follow on Twitter (@SteveHuffman_IN). And you can learn more about Steve and his speaking schedule at his website, www.stevehuffman.org

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In this episode, Terry shares the 5 questions that interviewers are REALLY asking while they interview. Interviews are critical to a hiring process and yet so many fail to take advantage of them. This podcast will help you do just that! Get the download and use it for your next interview – www.terrylinhart.com/interview. Be sure to check out Terry’s latest book for Christian leaders, THE SELF-AWARE LEADER.


In this podcast, Terry references the Everyday Exiles network podcast where he is a regular guest. He also points listeners to his “day away” resource guide for a one-day spiritual retreat.

Dr. Amber Selking joins the podcast from the J2 Marketing studios to talk about building a championship mindset in life and in work. She knows what she's talking about as the performance coach for Coach Brian Kelly and Notre Dame Football. She also is a keynote speaker at sales conferences across the country and advises CEO's about building a winning work culture. 

Dr. Amber Selking is a performance consultant and the founder of the Selking Performance Group. She works to emphasize the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in businesses, on athletic teams, and in individual lives. Amber’s dynamic and individualized approach to enhancing performance helps clarify vision, create championship team cultures, and achieve sustainable results. Amber received her Ph.D. in applied sports psychology, with an emphasis in positive psychology and the effect of brain functioning on performance.

Connect with Amber on Twitter @ChampMindsets  Facebook: Selking Performance Group and Instagram: @selkingperformance

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If there's a simple strategy each of us can do that will provide immediate benefit to our life, it's to connect better with others. In this episode, Terry shares 5 steps that you can take this week that will enrich your life and increase your influence. Terry Linhart has been helping other increase their influence for over 30 years now through his teaching and coaching. Terry references networks that include Pat Flynn, Carey Nieuwhof, Brett Hagler, Reggie Joiner, and more. 

For more about coaching with Terry Linhart, visit terrylinhart.com/coaching

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Ever wonder how others seem to be getting more done? Do you wish you could have better focus in your work week? Do you feel like life is getting noisier and noisier? It affects us all and Terry shares 7 ways that you can get focused this week and beyond. Terry Linhart has developed and coached leaders for over 30 years. For more about Terry's coaching, visit terrylinhart.com/coaching

For more about coaching with Terry Linhart, visit terrylinhart.com/coaching

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Terry shares about his journey to this podcast and offers 6 lessons from his story. Terry mentions Mike Myatt's book, HACKING LEADERSHIP and his own book, THE SELF-AWARE LEADER

For more about coaching with Terry Linhart, visit terrylinhart.com/coaching

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What is your talent? What are you doing when you feel like you're "in the zone" and doing what you were meant to do? How have people described you in the past? Is it accurate? This episode kicks off a new podcast designed to encourage and enrich your life this week. 

For more about coaching with Terry Linhart, visit terrylinhart.com/coaching

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