If you want to keep growing in life, you will have to grow with the changes. If you want to get ahead and stay there, then you'll need a creativity that is difficult to maintain over time. Bob Stromberg can help us do that. He is my special guest this week and shares with us the three steps that he uses to stay at the top of his field as a comedian, actor, and master class teacher. 

Bob Stromberg has been delighting audiences all across America.“That Wonder Boy” starring Bob and directed by Risa Brainin dominated United Solo Theatre Festival in New York by winning Best One-Man ShowBest Direction and the coveted Audience Favorite awards.  These were among the top six awards presented and we were the only show to win three. He co-authored and starred in the megahit theatrical phenomenon, Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy) breaking box office records worldwide. The Los Angeles Times described it as “…a triple jolt of inspired craziness”. And The Chicago Sun-Times called Bob “Mesmerizing!” Of his rousing standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern said, “You wowed us!” Howie Mandell said, “I liked your character! I liked your voice! I like you!”

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SPECIAL OFFER: Bob has a master class on creativity that includes an amazing FREE video you won't want to miss. Visit bobstromberg.com/coaching to view the video and grow your creative spirit.  Bob has a paid course that has helped 100s from all walks of life improve their work and influence by nurturing their creativity. 



Bob mentions the book, ART AND FEAR: OBSERVATIONS ON THE PERILS OF ARTMAKING by Bayles and Orland

Bob's show, TRIPLE ESPRESSO, is wonderfully funny. After years of continuous runs, it plays occasionally across the country. It's worth every effort to see it when it's in your area - or you need a good road trip or some frequent flyer miles. 

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