Everyone teaches. If we work to influence others in some way, we're instructing them about a need they have. And most of us want to be better communicators. In this episode, Terry covers eight rules that will instantly improve your communication. 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! - Meta 12 is back! META 12 is a simple 12-week challenge to make some fundamental "meta" changes to our lives. One of the great advantages you get for Meta 12 is a step-by-step series of resources to help you set good goals and then get them done. Beginning with a goal-setting guide and then helps to get you thinking about how you can grow productively, mentally, socially, spiritually, relationally, and financially, you'll find that this process alone is worth joining in. Visit the website to learn more and then take the challenge. 

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Coaching with Terry Linhart is hosted by author, speaker, and educator Terry Linhart.

Terry is the author of THE SELF-AWARE LEADER and the founder of The Arbor Research Group.

He serves as Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies at Bethel College (Indiana).

Connect with Terry on Twitter (@TerryLinhart) or on his Facebook page.

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