CEO's live in a unique space and they don't show up at conferences or on social media. If you want to catch one for an interview, you have to show up at his/her workplace. I have wanted to interview Kip Wieland ever since I once heard him say that CEO's have to find a personal balance between serenity and enterprise if they are to survive. So I made the trip to his factory.

I wanted to learn more about what he meant because his comment came at a time when I was trying to find a similar balance. I also wanted to learn how such a creative person like Kip could effectively lead the administrative team of one the country's most innovative furniture companies. If you've flown American, Delta, Jet Blue or other airlines, visited Disneyworld or Google headquarters, or sat in a hospital chair, you've benefited from the work of Wieland Designs or Six Inch. And you'll benefit from the insights Kip shares from the top as he works to mesh his unique personality with the day-to-day responsibilities of a CEO. 

Many of us have responsibilities that keep us up at night. It's tough to know when to turn off our minds and the lights and it's even more difficult to find peace when the waters of commerce or nonprofit leadership get rough. And if they're not rough now, they will be sometime. Some of us are also very creative and yet tasked with deeply administrative routines and tasks. Kip provides a rich perspective on all of this and this interview will be an encouragement to you no matter what your work responsibilities are. 

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You can follow Kip on Twitter (@kipwieland). 

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