Some people have trouble making decisions for various reasons. Yet for leaders of all types, being decisive is one of the primary needs for those who work with them. Being decisive is a predictor of leadership success, more so than more commonly thought contributors like a work ethic or experience. Terry talks about some of the latest research about decisiveness from the book THE CEO NEXT DOOR by Elena L. Botelho and Kim R. Powell (with Tahl Raz). Botehlo and Powell (they work with the consulting firm ghSMART and manage the CEO Genome project) interviewed 2600 CEO's from across the country. It's a recommended book by Terry and discusses this finding from the study that will help you become more aware of your own decision-making processes. 

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Coaching with Terry Linhart is hosted by author, speaker, and educator Terry Linhart.

Terry is the author of THE SELF-AWARE LEADER and the founder of The Arbor Research Group.

He serves as Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies at Bethel College (Indiana).

Connect with Terry on Twitter (@TerryLinhart) or on his Facebook page.

This episode was recorded in the J2 Marketing studios. 

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