What would make the most difference in the lives of others around us? What if it’s us helping them take their next best step? Most people we meet and walk past every day in our communities are people who are trying to do their best and live a better life. But sometimes they don’t know what steps to take and there are obstacles in place that are keeping them from doing that. And it may be up to us to help them take those steps.

Derick Buggs has been a community leader in the South Bend area for decades in business, church leadership, and now in city social services. He has a successful record of accomplishment in mentoring young men and helping them overcome obstacles. 

Derick is a frequent speaker around the Midwest and a sought-after expert on mentoring young men in urban contexts. He stops by the podcast to share stories of encouragement and reminds us that the people we meet at fast food restaurants and in the community need our care and attention if we just stop long enough to pay attention.

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Coaching with Terry Linhart is hosted by author, speaker, and educator Terry Linhart.

Terry is the author of THE SELF-AWARE LEADER and the founder of The Arbor Research Group.

He serves as Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies at Bethel College (Indiana).

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This episode was recorded in the J2 Marketing studios. 

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